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A rider that participates in extreme sports such as mountain biking and mountain boarding, is called a mountain rider. They use their hands, feet, and body to negotiate difficult terrain, such as deep snow, loose rocks, and steep inclines. This can be dangerous work, but if done correctly, a mountain rider can earn a living by selling their photos or videos online. A cross country rider is someone who rides from point A to point B in the same general area without actually traveling through all of the areas. They could be on a bike for an hour and then turn around and ride back the same way in 30 minutes. They are also known as counter-clockwise riders because they start with head south and then head back north. One of the most common injuries for mountain bikers is a fractured collarbone. This happens when the rider falls in an awkward position and hits their shoulder against something hard like a rock or tree root. Mountain bike racing is another extreme sport where riders compete against each other over varying distances to see who can complete it first. It's very technical and involves many different types of terrain. Even though it's not as dangerous as mountain biking, cross country riding can still be stressful on your body due to the long hours spent in the saddle. If you plan to do this type of riding, make sure you get plenty of rest and eat healthy

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