RRAC Points Rules 

The top 15 male and female runners as well as top 5 Male and female walker will earn awards in addition to the above prizes.  2011 Awards are computed based on your best 10 scores of the events in the series. You can miss two events and will not be penalized in the total points competition. 

Running Division

If you sign up as a runner, you can run, jog, walk or event crawl to complete the course.


Walking Division

 If you sign up as a walker, you must to walk.  Walking is defined as one foot on the ground at all times.  As a walker, you cannot run or jog period. You must walk. You must do at a minimum of 8 events to qualify for awards.


 Ridge Rider Athletic Club's
Running & Walking Series

 Everyone that participates in at least 10 of the events will receive prizes at the end of the year banquet hosted by the Ridge Rider Athletic Club.

 Points Championship

Points Scale